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We have been fixing our neighbors cars in Monrovia for more then 30 Years. Take a look around. We are so glad you dropped by.

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We are just around the corner! We are packed with experts who know what they are doing with all types of cars. You can count on us!


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From lawn mowers, and motorcycles to motor homes and muscle cars, we got you covered.

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From Acura to Volvo and anything in between. We can fix any vehicle including: Hybrids, Diesels and more!


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Welcome to Homer’s Auto Services in Monrovia, CA. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Our mechanics have been servicing fine cars and trucks for over 40 years. We are proud to provide mechanic repair and maintenance for the Monrovia and Arcadia area and the area around Monrovia and Arcadia.

It doesn’t matter if you are from Monrovia, Arcadia,  or just passing through, we will gladly provide all the necessary auto repair services. When you bring us your car, our auto repair mechanic will resolve the mechanical issue(s) presented, and restore the dependability and reliability you expect from your car’s performance. So drop by our auto repair shop and we will show you, why we are considered one of the best auto repair shops in Monrovia and Arcadia.

- Here is what our customers are saying -

Honesty, fair pricing, and hard work! I can’t say enough good about Homer’s! They kept my mother’s old car running and kept her happy (neither of which was easy) and they have done the same with my car. The starter they installed in my car was defective from the factory and they cheerfully and quickly set the problem straight for free. You can trust the fine folks who work at Homer’s!
- Mike Monrovia, CA

I couldn’t start my car one morning and called the Auto Club. The driver came and looked at my car, tested my battery and said my alternator was bad. In fact, the driver showed me a tester that said the alternator was bad. He put a quick charge on the battery and told me I should get it fixed right away as the charge wouldn’t hold long. I went to Homer’s in Monrovia and showed them that my alternator needed to be replaced and asked how much it would be. They quoted me and I was ready to pay for it. I was literally stunned as the mechanic came in and told me my car was ready and said to me there was no charge. I asked why and they replied “Your alternator is fine, but your battery terminals needed to be cleaned.” I was ecstatic and offered to pay something for their time, and they responded “it’s okay, just remember us the next time you need some work.” I’ve been a customer for ten years now, because it’s hard to find an honest mechanic, and there’s no question that Homer’s is not only honest, but their mechanic can diagnose anything and fix it in half the time anyone else would take.
Dean R., Whittier, CA

Homers is the best around. Have been going for 4 years and Yo, the owner, has always been direct and sincere with me. He doesnt let me down ever. His team is really professional and I trust them all. At this point, I cant imagine going anywhere else.
Antonio A., Arcadia, CA

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